A new foil just for freestyle

New for 2024, the Freestyle's fuselage, mast and wings have been selected by freestyle riders Steven VanBroekhoven and Lennart Neubauer to create their favourite freestyle foil.

Model MSRP with Aluminium mast* MSRP with Carbon mast*
FreeStyle €1699 €2349

*Available only in parts, prices shown here are the estimated total price for the Freestyle Foil by adding the individual manufacturer's recommended retail part prices. Actual price may vary due to local taxes and freight surcharge

NEW FOR 2024

For low-end power, pop and speed. the Freeride 900 wing design was selected.

To blend maneuverability, power and pop, the 89cm Evolution MkII Jumbo fuselage was selected.

To fit the new Starboard Ignite Air's top plate mount, for control and weight, choose the 82cm Foam Core Carbon mast. The 82cm Aluminium V8 Top Plate mast is the alternative for those looking for an affordable mast.


Aluminium V8

The stiff and more affordable mast option, weighing in at 2.3kg.

19mm thick and with thicker walls, the V8's extruded profile makes the mast extremely stiff. You get a rock-solid, stable feel in flight. 

With a 3cm narrower chord than our previous V7 mast, the V8 offers more glide, less drag and a super-fast top-end speed.

The connection between mast and fuselage uses an new aluminium CNC-machined adapter for maximum connection stiffness.

V8 mast length recommended for the Freestyle: 82cm

Foam Core Carbon MkII

The fast, lightweight, maneuverable and most responsive mast, weighing in at 1.6kg. The MkII shape has a sharper leading edge, a sharper trailing edge and 1.5˚ fuselage-angle built-in.


The C300 Foam Core Construction is what makes this mast super light while the 15.2mm thickness at the narrowest point is what keeps the mast super stiff. The MkII Foam Core Carbon mast: the ultimate choice when you're looking for the optimal blend of weight, stiffness and speed.

Foam Core Carbon MkII mast recommended for the Freestyle: 82cm


1.5° and 3° mast angle spacers are available as an accessory item.

Use these spacers to lift the nose higher when flying, if the board feels it is pointing too far down.


The new fuselage has a more streamlined tail section with an oversized cross section, maximising stiffness and stability during flight. 

Evolution MkII fuselages keep the same streamlined nose section - so front wings remain compatible.

The mast fitting also remains the same, offering mast compatibility across all Starboard Foils masts

The tail shape is more streamlined and the fuselage is thicker. We gain in speed, control and stability.


New on all Evolution MkII Jumbo fuselages: a mini tail fin that adds traction and longitudinal stability. Combined with the thicker cross-section that reduces twist, these new Jumbo fuselages make the foil fly with rock-stability from the moment you take off to final touch-down.


Front Wing: Freeride 2  900
Tail Wing: SLR 2  180
Fuselage: Evo MkII 89 Jumbo
Mast: 82cm V8 Alu Top Plate    or    82cm Foam Core Carbon MkII


*Manufacturer's recommended retail price incl. VAT. Actual price may vary due to local taxes and freight surcharge. 


Performance scores are broad indications for general guidance only.

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