The new GT Aluminium // The new Freeride Aluminium

Starboard Foils introduces two new foils this month: the GT Aluminium and the Freeride Aluminium.

The GT Aluminium (MSRP €1199) uses the same set up as the GT Carbon (MSRP €2099), keeping the Carbon 800cm2 front wing and the 330cm2 tail wing, mounted on the same 75cm fuselage. The key difference is in the mast: the GT Aluminium uses a 75cm aluminium mast for more stability and a lower price point.

"Our proprietary and patent-pending aluminium mast design took quite a while to get right. We had to start over several times until the mast was at the kind of level we'd consider as excellent, hence the delay in launching the Aluminium series. It is what we believe the first aluminium mast suitably stiff, fast and stable for wind foiling.

We were under a lot of pressure to release the aluminium series which is why it was so hard for us to start over and over again, each time the mast did not meet our expectations.The eventual winner uses three internal beams with an profile that pushes as much material as possible to the perimeter, maximizing lateral and torsional stiffness." Tiesda You, Starboard foil designer. 


The Freeride Aluminium (MSRP €1199) is an all-new foil. If the GT is a sporty, fast foil, the Freeride is, as its name describes, the freeride foil emphasizing progression, cruising and accessibility. With its large 1100cm2 front wing and 500cm2 tail wing, the Freeride is supremely stable and floaty. The foil for the mainstream.


Starting from either of these foils, Starboard's modular foil platform concept allows you to swap wings, fuselages and masts to build the other alternative foil geometries we recommend, like the Ultra, Slalom or Race, or upgrade to a taller Carbon mast for the ultimate in performance.


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