The official 2024 Windsurfing Olympics foil sets. 

Available from March 2020

iQFoil marks a new chapter in windsurfing and the windsurfing Olympics. The complete iQFoil package includes a Starboard iQFoil 95 Carbon Reflex board, the Severne HyperGlide Olympic rig in 9.0 (Men) or 8.0 (Women) and the iQFoil Carbon foil by Starboard Foils. 

The iQFoil Youth package includes a Starboard iQFoil Carbon board, the Severne HyperGlide Olympic rig in 8.0 and the iQFoil Aluminium foil by Starboard Foils.

iQFoil: "To inspire windsurfers of all levels - weekend racers, professionals and Olympians alike - to race together at a wide range of exciting events, on fair, simple and affordable foiling equipment of the highest performance".  

iQFoil Carbon

iQFoil Aluminium


Front Wing: 900 

Tail Wing: 255 -2° 

Fuselage: 95 Plus and 115 Plus

Mast: iQFoil Carbon 95cm / V6 Aluminium 95cm


Front Wing: Saddle system 

Tail Wing: Adjustable saddle system  

Fuselage: Starboard Universal Connect 

Mast: Deep Tuttle 




The iQFoil 95 Carbon Mast

The iQFoil 95cm Carbon mast is an extra-stiff version of the standard 95cm Carbon mast, built with 44 layers of ultra-high modulus pre-preg carbon fibre: for more performance, more control and a wider wind range. 

The iQFoil 95 Carbon mast is also available as a separate upgrade item (from March 2020).

Tail Wing Adjustment

iQFoil sets are supplied with six angle spacers (-2° / -1.5° / -1° / -0.5° / 0° / +1°) and with a new 255 tail wing that has -2° built in. 

The recommended tail wing angle on the 115 Plus and 95 Plus is -2°, so we recommend starting with the 0° spacer. You can reduce tail wing angle up to 2 more degrees by using the -2° spacer, for more speed and control, or increase by up to 1° by using the +1° spacer, for more power.

95 Plus Fuselage

115 Plus Fuselage

Two Fuselages: 115cm and 95cm

The iQFoil sets are supplied with both the 115 Plus fuselage and the 95 Plus fuselage. The 115 Plus is recommended for extra power and for maximum upwind/downwind performance. The 95 Plus fuselage is recommended for reaching courses, for long-distance marathons and higher GPS speeds. Other items included in the set: 900 Front Wing, 255 -2° Tail Wing and the Team Bag Size L. 

900 Front Wing

255 Tail Wing -2°

Team Bag Size L

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