Our all-time number #1 selling foil. Maneuverable, smooth and super fun, it's also our easiest foil ever. The 1700cm² front wing gives the sensation of floating on air and allows you to take-off before reaching planing speeds. The long 87cm fuselage offers extra stability and power. Choose this foil if you want to foil in the lightest winds, make foil-jibes and 360s as easy as possible and foil with smaller sails.

Available in Carbon and Aluminium


The key to the SuperCruiser's performance lies particularly in the front wing design.

The Wave 1700 is a low aspect wing that gives you lift through sheer surface area.

The round, sweeping leading edge lets you foil jibe smoothly. During the mid-jibe sail and feet transition, the surface area once again lets you float through with ease.

The low-aspect design also gives added stability during flight and through your foil jibes.

The wing is flat when viewed from the front, with a mild double concave. This lets the foil fly faster and more stable.

Once flying at cruising altitudes, the thin cross-section profile lets you accelerate and go faster, all with impeccable flight stability.


"Its acceleration is creamy smooth. Simply stand up over the board and let the foil do the work. It breathes confidence and oozes the essence of freeride foiling, being both eminently accessible and enjoyable. 

Fitting the SuperCruiser into various boards and setups, the ability to alter the angle of the tail wing and therefore the longitudinal pitch of the board is a real bonus, tweaking and fine-tuning the setup so that it is easy to establish the right balance. 

Cruising at a respectable speed it is directionally very stable and predictable, providing plenty of reaching comfort for covering distances effortlessly."


The Wave 370 tail wing has a large surface that gives the SuperCruiser extra flight stability, especially at low speeds and through flying foil jibes. In addition, the gentle moustache shape where the wing tips bend upwards help the tail wing to act like a trailing fin, providing more yaw stability.

The SuperCruiser's 370 tail wing is made from 28 layers of high-modulus carbon, pressed at high temperatures under tremendous hydraulic pressure for maximum precision, stiffness and performance. The stiffer the tail wing, the more stable the ride.



The SuperCruiser uses the sleeve system for making it easy to slide the wing on and off. The front wing slides over the fuselage and locks in place via four countersunk M6 Torx bolts. The threads are anodized and reinforced with stainless steel helicoils for strength and corrosion resistance. 

Will this fuselage work with other wings and masts?

The SuperCruiser's fuselage is compatible with all masts from Starboard Foils and all tail wings from the Wing and Wave collection. The only front wing technically compatible with the SuperCruiser is the Wave 1700 for SuperCruiser. See the Custom Shop section below for exceptions. Wings that use the saddle system are not compatible.

Tail Wing Fitting System

The tail wing sits on an adjustable rocker saddle. Set the tail wing to your desired angle then tighten the two bolts to lock it in.



As a rule of thumb, more angle gives more lift; less angle gives more speed.  

The ideal trim angle is the one that lets you ride with weight distributed equally between your front and back legs. 

Once you've trimmed the tail wing angle to your liking, simply tighten the two bolts.



The SuperCruiser Carbon is supplied with the Carbon 85cm mast. It is built with forty layers of pre-preg high-modulus uni-axial and bi-axial Toray carbon, hydraulically pressed, heated and fused into one monolithic mast of incredible stiffness. The shape of the mast has also been optimized for flexural and torsional stiffness. Computer-simulated analysis shows the Starboard mast, by virtue of its shape alone, is already up to 52% stiffer than a traditional mast.


The SuperCruiser Aluminium is supplied with the Aluminium V5 85cm mast. It is built from an extrusion of 6061 aluminium, a grade of aluminium that we selected for its strength, weight and superior corrosion resistance. The V5 is extra-strong and extra stiff, making it suitable for windsurf foiling. Three oversized I beam stringers and five 12mm stainless steel bolts carry the vertical loads.  It is even stronger and stiffer than the Aluminium V7 masts used for wing and wave foils.


Maneuverable, smooth and super fun, it's also our easiest foil ever. The 1700cm2 front wing gives the sensation of floating on air and allows you to take-off before reaching planing speed. 

 Choose this foil if you want to foil in the lightest winds, make foil-jibes and 360s as easy as possible and foil with smaller sails.

Available in Carbon and Aluminium

What's in the SuperCruiser Foil Box?

Front Wing:  Wave 1700 for SuperCruiser
Tail Wing: 370
Fuselage: 87
Mast: Carbon 85cm or Aluminium V5 85cm Deep Tuttle
Other items: 1x Torx Key and a set of bolts to assemble the foil. The SuperCruiser Carbon is supplied with the XXL Team Bag, the Aluminium version is supplied without bag.


Windsurf Foiling Yes
Wing Foiling: Yes (a Top Plate adapter may be required)
Wave Foiling: No
Wake Foiling: No

For wing foiling, a Top Plate adapter is available as an aftermarket accessory. Bear in mind that the mast length will become 92cm long.

For additional protection, Starboard Foils Wing Covers and the Starboard Foils Team Bags are available to purchase separately.

Recommended Team Bag size: 

XXL - 107cm x 37cm x 16cm 

Recommended Wing Cover set: SuperCruiser Set


What mast upgrades are available?

Available masts:  

  • Carbon 110 
  • Carbon 95
  • iQFoil Carbon 95
  • Carbon 85
  • Aluminium V5 95
  • Aluminium V5 85

A longer mast allows you to fly higher, giving you more room to handle conditions with bigger waves.

A shorter mast makes it easier to foil, allows you to have more control and leverage over your foil but makes it easier to foil out.

Upgrading from Aluminium to Carbon allows you to improve your speed, reduce weight for earlier take-off and increase overall flight efficiency.

Upgrading from Carbon to the stiffer iQFoil Carbon gives you more control and maximum flight stability, unlocking the next gear with ability to push further and with more confidence.

What front wing upgrades are available?

Available wings:

  • E-Type 1700
  • E-Type 1300
  • S-Type 2400
  • S-Type 2000
  • S-Type 1500
  • S-Type 1200
  • Wave 1700 (for SuperCruiser only)

Technically speaking, only the Wave 1700 for SuperCruiser is fully compatible with the SuperCruiser's 87 fuselage.

The E-Type and S-Type wings listed above can fit. However, they are designed primarily for the Quick Lock system so they only have two holes. They would fit the SuperCruiser's fuselage after adding two more holes (see Assembly Guides for more details).

If one does choose to try a different wing, this would be our guide for wind foiling:

The E-Type 1700 gives additional lift at low speeds at the expense of stability due to the wide span. 

The E-Type 1300 adds extra speed and extra carving fun. 

The S-Type 1500, 2000 offer extra lift at low speeds at the expense of top speed while the 2400 is for maximum lift.

For the characteristics of these wings when wing foiling, please refer to their dedicated pages on this website.

What tail wing upgrades are available?

Available wings:

  • RAZR 250
  • 270
  • 370 (for SuperCruiser only)

The 370 is the tail wing we recommend for the SuperCruiser. The other wings are too small to provide enough lift for wind foiling. Wind foil boards with their sails on top are longer and heavier which requires larger tail wings.

If you intend to use the SuperCruiser for wing foiling, the RAZR 250 or the 270 are the tail wings we would recommend. The 270 has more yaw stability due to its 'moustache' shape. The RAZR is slightly faster and more maneuverable.

The 370 can work fine for wing foiling too. If it generates too much lift, try reducing lift by reducing tail wing angle before opting for a smaller tail wing.

What fuselage upgrades are available for wind foiling?

Changing to one of Starboard Foils' saddle-system fuselages opens up the entire collection of saddle-system wings. Recommended saddle-system fuselages:

  • 95 Plus
  • 115 Plus

The 95 Plus is a great size for all-round freeriding and freeracing. It is highly recommended for SuperCruiser riders looking for more speed and performance. With this fuselage, you can pair with a front and tail wing set that make your foil the equivalent to a Freeride Plus or GTR Plus.

The 115 Plus will give you maximum power and racing performance. Pairing this with the racing wings will give you a foil that is the equivalent to the Race Plus.

Please refer to the Freeride Plus, GTR Plus and Race Plus pages for the characteristics of those foil set ups.

What fuselage upgrades are available for wing foiling?

Changing to Starboard Foils' Quick Lock system fuselages optimises your foil for wing foiling. Quick Lock fuselages are split into a front piece and a tail piece. Recommended Quick Lock fuselages:
  • Quick Lock 36 HD Front Piece with Quick Lock 36 Tail Piece
  • Quick Lock 36 HD Front Piece with Quick Lock 31 Tail Piece

The Quick Lock 36 HD Front Piece with Quick Lock 36 Tail Piece creates a total fuselage length that is 20cm shorter than the SuperCruiser's 87cm fuselage. This allows you to take off at lower speeds because you can now push for a steeper take-off angle. The shorter fuselage also enhances maneuverability.

The Quick Lock 36 HD Front Piece with Quick Lock 31 Tail Piece totals 62cm, even shorter. This makes for maximum carving maneuverability at the expense of flight stability.

What other items are available?

Team Bags:

  • Foil Bag XXL - 107cm x 37cm x 16cm (SuperCruiser)

Wing and Mast Cover Sets:

  • Wing and Mast Cover - SuperCruiser Set

Wing Covers:

  • Wing Cover - 1700 Wing Cover - 1100
  • Wing Cover - 330/370

Mast Covers:

  • Mast Cover - Mast 85


  • Top Plate Adapter for Deep Tuttle 67 V7

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