The SuperFlyer is the next level up from the SuperCruiser. It offers similar riding characteristics with a bit more glide and speed.

Available in: Aluminium // Carbon C300


Front Wing Area:  1300cm2
Front Wing Span: 82cm
Tail Wing Area: 330cm2
Tail Wing Span: 59cm
Fuselage length: 102cm
Mast length: 85cm
Board mounting system: Foil Box


Windsurf Foiling Yes
Wing Foiling: Yes*
Wave Foiling: No
Wake Foiling: No

*The SuperFlyer geometry and wings work superbly for wing foiling. Its mast uses a Foil Box board-mounting system while most wing boards use the top plate system. A top plate adapter may therefore be required or swap the mast for a top plate mast.

For additional protection, Starboard Foils Wing Covers and the Starboard Foils Team Bags are available to purchase separately.

Recommended Team Bag size: 

XXL V2 - 107cm x 40cm x 16cm



The SuperFlyer rides best when pressure is equally distributed between your front and back legs during flight.

Out of the box, start with the 0° spacer.

If there is too much front foot pressure, reduce tail wing angle by swapping out the 0° spacer for -1°. 

If there is too much back foot pressure, add tail wing angle by swapping out the 0° spacer for +1°.

Continue to fine-tune tail wing angle in 0.5° increments to find your optimum setting. The windier it is, the more you'll need to reduce tail wing angle to reduce power. The lighter the wind, the more you'll tend to add tail wing angle to boost power.

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