With Sam Ross

"If you're new to winging and want to progress your wing foiling from a total beginner, then this step-by-step how to wing foil series is for you. Learn the basics of starting on the beach and how to control the wing, standing up on water for the first time and then getting foiling. The 5th episode also covers & explains all the wing gear need for first-time riders getting into this new sport."

Episode 1

Setting up the wing, understanding the wind - we all love to skip this part, but taking the time to build the fundamentals Sam presents in this video will make your rate of progression much faster - well worth studying!

Episode 2

First steps on water

Episode 3

First Flights! The most popular videos of the series, well, simply because this is the fun part -  sit back and enjoy.

Episode 4

Tips for progressing

Episode 5

A great recap with Sam on board choices, foils and wings

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