Two foils options for freeride foiling

The Freeride 2 is an upgrade on the original legendary Freeride.

The Freeride 2S is the sportier option. 

Model MSRP with Aluminium mast* MSRP with Carbon mast*
Freeride 2 €1499 N/A
Freeride 2S €1499 €2799

*Manufacturer's recommended retail price incl. VAT. Actual price may vary due to local taxes and freight surcharge

NEW FOR 2024

The all-new Freeride front wings include all the latest development from the SLR series, giving them new levels of speed and acceleration. Compared to the SLR, these new Freeride wings have just a slightly reduced aspect-ratio to add comfort and control.

The new Jumbo Evolution MkII fuselage with an integrated fin (A) brings rock-solid stability and a smoother flight.

Freeride 2: set up on a relatively short 89cm fuselage (B) and with a giant 500cm2 tail wing (C), this unique combination makes foil jibes incredibly fun, powerful and addictive.

Freeride 2S: the sportier option. New for 2024, the Freeride 2S bridges the gap between the Freeride 2 and the SLR series: Take the SLR 2 Slalom foil, swap out the front wing for a more controllable, medium aspect front wing (D) and swap out the tail wing for the 330 (E) - and you have the Freeride 2S.



The V9 mast uses the same extrusion die as its predecessor, the V5 mast, and adds a couple of strength upgrades:

The mast position is shifted backwards slightly to add more metal around the rear barrel nuts.

These barrel nuts sit deeper than in the V5, adding extra strength.

A 1.5 degree fuselage is now built in, lifting the nose of the board for an easier, more balanced trim while flying.

Freeride 2S Carbon:

This Carbon version replaces the Aluminium V9 mast with the all-new Solid Core Carbon MkII C400 mast.

Super thin, super sharp, measuring just 13.5mm at its thinnest point, the mast profile is designed for maximum speed and maximum ventilation-resistance. This mast has a 1.5˚ fuselage-angle built-in.

The C400 is pressed with high modulus carbon at its core and ultra high modulus along the outer layers to offer outstanding stiffness, speed and performance.


The new fuselage has a more streamlined tail section with an oversized cross section, maximising stiffness and stability during flight. 

Evolution MkII fuselages keep the same streamlined nose section - so front wings remain compatible.

The mast fitting also remains the same, offering mast compatibility across all Starboard Foils masts

The tail shape is more streamlined and the fuselage is thicker. We gain in speed, control and stability.


New on all Evolution MkII Jumbo fuselages: a mini tail fin that adds traction and longitudinal stability. Combined with the thicker cross-section that reduces twist, these new Jumbo fuselages make the foil fly with rock-stability from the moment you take off to final touch-down.


Freeride 2 Freeride 2S
Front Wing: Freeride 2 1100 Freeride 2 900
Tail Wing: 500 330
Fuselage: Evo MkII 89 Jumbo Evo MkII 99/31 Jumbo
Mast: 85cm V9 Alu 95cm V9 Alu or 95cm 90° Solid Core Carbon C400


*Manufacturer's recommended retail price incl. VAT. Actual price may vary due to local taxes and freight surcharge. 


Performance scores are broad indications for general guidance only.

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