Two foils made for one-design racing: windsurf foiling and wing foiling respectively


The foil that changed Olympic Windsurfing forever

Designed by Tiesda You, this Race foil was the breakthrough that made foilers faster around a course than Formula or RS:X, leading to the adoption of foiling for the Windsurfing Olympics. With iQFoil starts an exciting new chapter in windsurfing history.

As an Olympic one-design racing foil, the iQFoil remains unchanged and follows the Olympic cycles:

Front wing: 900cm2 with a Tom Speer H005 foil section.

Tail wing: 255cm2, also with a Tom Speer H005 foil section.

Fuselage: a trusty, solid fuselage with large mating-surface-areas for both front and tail wings.

Mast: a 95cm high modulus carbon fibre mast built to our C400 specification.

The iQFoil is also available in Aluminium, eligible for racing in the iQFoil Junior Class.

iQFoil Carbon iQFoil Aluminium
Front Wing: 900 800
Tail Wing: 255 -2° 255 -2°
Fuselage: 115 Plus 115 Plus
Mast: iQfoil Carbon 95cm iQFoil Aluminium 95cm V5HD



Our one-design foil proposal for Wing Foil Racing

With wings designed by the team of Martin Fischer, Charles Dhainaut and Mathieu Durand using a ground-breaking automated optimisation method, the X-15 is an astonishing foil with an incredible flight range.

Its MF 820 front wing delivers incredible efficency: take off in minimal winds, fly upwind and downwind at incredible angles, all with an impressive top speed that completes the package.

The MF 200 tail wing compliments the front wing's efficiency, while the 69cm Jumbo Evolution MkII fuselage was chosen to provide a stable and reliable platform for the X-15 concept.

This new Jumbo Evolution MkII fuselage with an integrated fin works well with the MF tail wing that is completely flat, giving the foil traction and stability.

With its incredible efficiency, the MF820 is also highly recommended for downwind foiling. 

X-15 Aluminium: for one-design racing in the X-15 class

X-15 Carbon: for maximum performance

Front Wing: MF 820
Tail Wing: MF 200
Fuselage: Evo MkII 69 Jumbo
Mast: 95cm MkII 90° Deep Tuttle Solid Core Carbon C400 or 100cm V8 Aluminium Deep Tuttle

Other Front Wings Sizes Available: MF 720, MF560
Other Tail Wing Sizes Available: MF 240
Other Fuselage Sizes Available: Evo MkII 59 Jumbo, Evo MkII 79 Jumbo


Foil designers Tiesda You and Martin Fischer discuss the new X15 foil's front wing.

This wing was designed by Martin Fischer, Charles Dhainaut and Mathieu Durand using a new automatic-optimisation method that iterates around 7000 times to converge towards an optimal design for each section.

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