Our Fastest Foils For Slalom and Race

Just released, the SLR 2 immediately became World Champion, with Helle Oppedal winning the Formula Foil World Championships on the new SLR 2 Race

The SLR 2 Slalom: for slalom racing and faster reaching speeds.

The SLR 2 Race: for course racing and maximum VMG.

Model MSRP with MkII Solid Core Carbon C400 mast* MSRP with SMkII Solid Core Carbon C600 mast*
SLR 2 Slalom €2999 €3399
SLR 2 Race €3099 €3499
SLX Available only as parts Available only as parts

The SLX series are our most technical, extreme and high-aspect speed/slalom wings, designed by Martin Fischer's team using an innovative auto-optimisation method - available exclusively as upgrade parts.


*Manufacturer's recommended retail price incl. VAT. Actual price may vary due to local taxes and freight surcharge

NEW FOR 2024

All-new front wings, giving a massive boost in top speed, wind range and control.

All-new 180 H.A.R. tail wing with improved traction and control.

New Jumbo Evolution MkII fuselage with an integrated fin for rock-solid stability and a smoother flight.

Two mast positions are available on the 99 fuselage: 99/31 and 99/34 where 31 and 34 indicates the distance from the front of the mast to the front wing. The default fuselage is the 99/31 and the 99/34 is available for riders looking for more front foot pressure.

"Such an evolution. So stable, it's insane, I love it. At the Dutch Nationals, straight off the airplane, came to compete, straight out of the package and managed to get a little top three in. It was great, insane speed and so much control with my 5.0 in 35 knots: sooo much control"

Luuc VanOpzeeland


'Seagull' Front view: we added more curvature in the mid-section giving it more of what we call a seagull front view. This adds stability for a more locked-in feel when riding at max speeds.

All-new wing profile section: a modified version of the Tom Speer H005 section, this profile offers an incredible lift / drag ratio across a wide performance range.

Thinned-out wing tips anda gentle twist reduce drag generated from tip-vortices, minimizing the pressure difference between the upper and lower surfaces. When leaning hard to windward or when the tips breach the surface, it feels invisible: control remains seamless without any change in balance or lift.

880 SLR 2 For light wind Course Racing
660 SLR 2 Evolution For medium wind Course Racing and light wind Slalom
560 SLR 2 For Slalom
460 SLR 2 For Slalom and Speed
390 SLR 2 For Speed

180 H.A.R. SLR 2 For light and medium wind course racing
180 SLR 2 For medium to high wind slalom


New front view with taller wing tips, a stiffer shape and a new foil section improve traction, control and top end speed

Available in two aspect ratios, the regular model is our slalom tail wing while the high aspect ratio model (H.A.R) is recommended for light winds and for course racing.


The Evolution MkII carbon mast has a sharper leading edge and a razor-thin trailing edge for improved speed.

With a leading edge set at 90° and a fuselage angle of 1.5° this mast provides the optimum slalom and racing foil geometry. 

Available exclusively in 95cm and in C400 or C600 carbon constructions.


The Evolution MkII mast has a larger, streamlined connection radius where it connects to the fuselage - for extra torsional stiffness and strength


The new fuselage has a more streamlined tail section with an oversized cross section, maximising stiffness and stability during flight. 

Evolution MkII fuselages keep the same streamlined nose section - so front wings remain compatible.

The mast fitting also remains the same, offering mast compatibility across all Starboard Foils masts

The tail shape is more streamlined and the fuselage is thicker. We gain in speed, control and stability.


New on all Evolution MkII Jumbo fuselages: a mini tail fin that adds traction and longitudinal stability. Combined with the thicker cross-section that reduces twist, these new Jumbo fuselages make the foil fly with rock-stability from the moment you take off to final touch-down.


SLR 2 Slalom SLR 2 Race
Front Wing: SLR 2 560 SLR 2 880
Tail Wing: SLR 2 180 SLR 2 180 H.A.R.
Fuselage: Evo MkII 99/31 Jumbo Evo MkII 109 Jumbo
Mast: Solid Core Carbon 95cm C400 or C600 Solid Core Carbon 95cm C400 or C600


*Manufacturer's recommended retail price incl. VAT. Actual price may vary due to local taxes and freight surcharge. 


Performance scores are broad indications for general guidance only.

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