Can I use a normal windsurf board with Starboard's foil?

We can't recommend normal windsurf boards because the board's fin box will eventually break. We did use regular boards ourselves during development and we know many people will end up using regular boards for foiling; and they work because our foil geometries require boards to have their fin boxes placed in standard windsurfing positions. We can only advise you do this at your own risk. If you do choose to use a regular board, the wider the board, the better.



What foil should I choose?

If you are just getting into foils, we would recommend starting with the Freeride or the GT. Once you have a Freeride or a GT, you can add an extra wing set or fuselage later to cover more conditions. For experts, we also have a Team Set (not shown here on this website) that includes the 95cm mast, both fuselage sizes, both front wing sizes and both tail wing sizes. Contact a Starboard distributor for more info on the availability of Team Sets.

How do I assemble my foil?

Please visit the technology section of our website.
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