Meet the Team

  • Tiesda You | Brand Manager, Design, Sales and Marketing

    The first time I flew, it was a revelation. A mind-blowing, magical, memorable moment on par with those early planing days. Don't we all remember the first time we got planing? Who would have thought that there was another hidden level in windsufing. We windsurfers savour those memories and here we are, with an opportunity to relive those feelings once more.

    Flying over the sea without a sound, zipping along silently close to thirty knots. What could be more fun? The foil adventure begins.


    Tiesda You | Brand manager, Design, Sales & Marketing


  • Gonzalo Costa Hoevel | Pro Tester, Pro Rider and Design

    "A new foiling era starts with the Starboard Foils! Based on stability and easiness, we manage to do both the most comfortable and fastest foils of the market. You can learn to foil on just a couple of runs and you will be challenging air-jibes in no time! What I like the most of our design is that with a quick change of our wings you can go from Formula sailing to Speed Slalom sailing or to just cruising silently above the water for fun."

    Gonzalo Costa Hoevel | Pro Tester, Pro Rider & Design

  • Antoine Questel | Pro Tester, Pro Rider


    The first time I used a foil, I had an awesome feeling that was like my first time in funboard, when I had my first planing! I love windfoil because I can use it like a Formula board to go upwind and downwind, or like a Slalom board. With the Starboard Team Set, you get two front wings, two tail wings, two fuselages and one mast: you can set yourself to do everything with these parts! 

    Antoine Questel | Pro Tester, Pro Rider

  • Remi Vila | Pro Tester



    Remi Vila | Pro Tester

  • Svein Rasmussen | Pro Tester



    Svein Rasmussen| Pro Tester

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