Meet the Team

Starboard foils are designed and brought to market by Foil Sports Co., a small company dedicated in the pursuit of making great foils. Wind-powered, wave-powered, human-powered or electric-powered, foiling crafts are taking off and opening up a world where we fly over the water silently, smoothly, efficiently.

Fly with us.

Tiesda You

Foil Sports Co. Founder / Owner / Chief Designer

Abraham Shouse

Wave Foil Co-Designer / Starboard Team Rider

Svein Rasmussen

Starboard Founder / Owner / Chief Innovator

Gonzalo Costa Hoevel

PWA Foil Champion 2018 / PWA Foil Vice-Champion 2017 / Foil World Champion 2018

Remi Vila

Test Pilot / Racer / Designer / Drone Photography

Albert Pijoan

Tester / Team Rider

Zane Schweitzer

Ocean Surf Foil Tester / Starboard Team Rider

Matteo Iachino

Tester / Starboard Team Rider / 2018 PWA Foil Sylt Winner / 2018 One Hour Classic Winner

Antoine Questel

2017 PWA Foil Champion / Starboard Team Rider

Sebastian Kordel

Tester / Team Rider / 2018 PWA Foil Vice-Champion

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