For windsurf foiling.


For Super Cruising.

Maneuverable and smooth, the 1700cm2 front wing makes you feel like you're floating on a cloud and takes-off with the lowest speed. The 87cm fuselage provides additional stability. Our choice for the lightest winds, to make foil-jibes and 360s as easy as possible and for foiling with smaller sails. 



The new Freeride Foil.

The larger swept-back front wing and the larger tail wing combined with a 95cm fuselage delivers fast, stable jibes, smooth takeoffs and maximum stability, all in a high performance upgradeable package. The new Plus fuselage enables tail wing angle adjustment for maximum wind range.



The Freerace Foil.

Our most popular foil for its all-round racing performance. It's our fastest wind foil, it drives upwind and absolutely flies on the reach. The new Plus fuselage enables tail wing angle adjustment. It shifts the front wing forwards to allow reduced tail wing angles that unlocks more speed and more control.



Maximum power, maximum upwind performance and the earliest take-off.

The new Plus fuselage shifts the front wing forwards to allow reduced tail wing angles. With both wings flying through the water at more parallel angles, you release more speed with more control. The new benchmark in maximum performance foil racing.



The official 2024 Windsurfing Olympics foil sets

The iQFoil Carbon is a Race Plus with a stiffer UHM Carbon mast, a 900 front wing and an additional 95 Plus fuselage for maximum range and performance. The Aluminium version replaces the UHM Carbon mast with the Aluminium V5 mast.



Maximum wind range.

The Team Set II takes the Race Plus and adds a Millennium 1000 front wing and a 95 Plus fuselage. 

With two front wings and two fuselages, the Team Set II covers windsurf foil racing across a widest wind range. Suitable for course racing and slalom.



For wind, wing and wave foiling

The Waterman Set is based on the SuperCruiser and includes parts that converts it into a wing and wave foil:

Quick Lock Fuselage 36 Front Piece + 36 Tail Piece Remove the 87cm fuselage and attach this fuselage to shorten the fuselage. A shorter fuselage is more suitable for wing and waves.
RAZR 250 Tail Wing Remove the SuperCruiser's 370 tail wing and attach this RAZR 250 tail wing. This smaller tail wing is more suitable for wing and waves.
Top Plate Adapter If your board uses the more common top plate system, use this adapter to convert the Deep Tuttle mast to Top Plate. Please note: the mast with the top plate adapter measures 82cm. The mast without the adapter measures 75cm.

Starboard Foils' modular foil platform lets you switch out parts to customise your foil to match your personal riding style and specifications. Here's a list of all the available foil parts for the Wind foil collection.

Front Wings

  • Freeride 1100
  • Millennium 1000
  • 900   
  • 800
  • 725
  • 650
  • 550
  • Wave 1700 (for SuperCruiser only)

Tail Wings

  • 500
  • 330
  • 255
  • 255 -2°
  • 255 -2° Thin
  • 200 -2° Thin
  • 370 (for SuperCruiser only)


  • 95 Plus
  • 105 Plus
  • 115
  • 115 Plus
  • 115 Plus Plus
  • 87 (for SuperCruiser only)


  • Carbon 110
  • Carbon 95 iQFoil
  • Carbon 95
  • Carbon 85
  • Aluminium V5 95
  • Aluminium V5 85


  • Spacers for Tail Wing Angle (Plus fuselage)
  • Spacer for Carbon Mast (Square Fuselage)
  • Fuselage) Spacer for Aluminium Mast V5 (Square Fuselage)
  • Deep Tuttle Spacer for Aluminium Mast V5, V6, V7
  • 1.5° Deep Tuttle Spacer for Aluminium Mast V5, V6, V7
  • 0.75° Deep Tuttle Spacer for Aluminium Mast V5, V6, V7

Other Items

Team Bags:

  • Foil Bag M - 102cm x 21cm x 21cm (Freeride Plus, GT Carbon, GT-R Plus) 
  • Foil Bag L - 122cm x 21cm x 21cm (iQFoil, Race, Race Plus, Race Pro) 
  • Foil Bag XXL - 107cm x 37cm x 16cm (SuperCruiser)

Wing and Mast Cover Sets:

  • Wing and Mast Cover - iQFoil Set
  • Wing and Mast Cover - Race Plus Set 
  • Wing and Mast Cover - GTR Plus Set 
  • Wing and Mast Cover - Freeride Plus Set 
  • Wing and Mast Cover - SuperCruiser Set 

Wing Covers: 

  • Wing Cover - 1700
  • Wing Cover - 1100
  • Wing Cover - 1000
  • Wing Cover - 900
  • Wing Cover - 800
  • Wing Cover - 725
  • Wing Cover - 650/500
  • Wing Cover - 550
  • Wing Cover - 330/370
  • Wing Cover - 220/250/255/270 

Mast Covers: 

  • Mast Cover - Mast 85
  • Mast Cover - Mast 95

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